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Mon state map
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STATISTIC Status: Indigenous Group Population: 8 millions (Burma) & 114,500 (Thailand) Areas: Mon State, Bago Division, Irrawaddy Delta of Burma and southern border of Thai-Myanmar Language: Mon Religion: Theravada Buddhism UNPO REPRESENTATIONThe Mon people are represented in UNPO by the Mon Unity League (MUL). OVERVIEW GEOGRAPHY The former Monland in Burma covers three regions stretching over the whole of lower Burma, namely Tenasserim, Pegu and Irrawaddy. The Mon State borders Thailand to the east and Andaman Sea to the west, and includes many small islands along 566 km of coastline. POPULATION There are believed to be around 800,000 people who claim Mon ancestry and retain their culture and language but the majority of the Mon, possibly 4 million, are absorbed into Burmese language and society. ECONOMY Orchards and rubber plantations are found in the mountainous area, while paddy fields and salt fields along the coastline of Mon State occupy most flat lands. Fishing is another traditional occupation of the local people. Only top Burmese military leaders and foreign companies have access to natural resources such as forest and onshore and offshore mineral resources. At the present time one of the biggest investments in the exploitation of natural gas reserves is in Mon State. HISTORICAL BACKGROUNDThe Mon was one of the earliest distinct groups to occupy Burma, moving into the area possibly as early as 1500 BCE. The first Mon Kingdom, Suwarnabhumi, was founded around the port of Thaton in 300 BCE. They were converted to Theravada Buddhism in the 200s BCE. The Mon prospered in southern Burma until around 1000 when they came under pressure from new ethnic groups arriving from the north. Successive waves of Burmese and Thai groups slowly eroded the Mon kingdoms until their final collapse. The last Mon kingdom was Hongsavatoi, which fell to the Burmese in 1757. The British conquered Burma, including the Mon territories, in 1824, after the Second Anglo-Burmese War. The Mon aided the British in the overthrow of the Burmese. The British promised Mon their own leadership and recognition after defeating the Burmese; however, Mon sovereignty was never realized. In 1947, the Mon presented a demand to safeguard their rights after independence, but the Prime Minister of Burma rejected it saying that no separate national rights for the Mon would be contemplated. Despite this, Mon National Day was created to celebrate the ancient founding of the Mon Kingdom of Hongsawatoi, the last Mon Kingdom, which had its seat in Pegu. The desires of the ruling Burmese were forcefully imposed on the Mon people and resulted in a civil war. The Mon revolted against the central Burmese government in 1962 through the New Mon State Party (NMSP). A partially autonomous Mon state, Monland, was created in 1974 covering Tenasserim, Pegu and Irrawaddy. Resistance continued until 1995 when NMSP and SLORC agreed to a cease-fire. The following year the Mon Unity League was founded (MUL). That same year, the Mon people joined UNPO in their struggle for democracy and the preservation of human rights in Burma. In 1997, SLORC was replaced with the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC), and the military junta continues to terrorize all people in Burma. Although there is no fighting between NMSP and SPDC troops, the human rights situation in Mon State has not improved. SPDC continues to violate human rights despite the condition of the cease-fire agreement. Population displacement as a result of oil and gas pipelines being built through the Mon land continues to be a serious issue and no compensation is provided for those who are forced off their land. The printing of books in the Mon language has been outlawed and Mon schools are either closed or remain in terrible conditions because no funding is provided for their upkeep or repair. International communities have repeatedly condemned the SPDC for its bad human rights records including forced labour, arbitrary detention, population transfer, confiscation, rape, etc. The Mon remained a repressed and defiant group in Burma. The Mon also continues to face issues as refugees in neighbouring. Thailand where, although camps have been set up, there has been evidence that Thai officials in the camps harass and in some cases evict thousands of Mon refugees and force them back into Burma. CURRENT ISSUE ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEM Illegal logging and deforestation are two major issues with a tremendous impact upon the Mon. They not only rob the Mon people of viable economic opportunities, but the process of cutting down trees and the constant deforestation endanger the natural habitat as well as animals and wildlife, which are main sources of food and nourishment for many Mon people. The creation of oil pipelines through Monland is also a serious issue, greatly disrupting the natural habitat and land of the Mon people, and causing various security concerns. Forced labor for the creation of infrastructure is also a grave problem. CULTURE AND LANGUAGE LANGUAGE The Mon language is part of the Monic Mon-Khmer branch of the Austro-Asiatic family, related to Vietnamese and Khmer. The writing system is Indic based. The Mon language is spoken by the Mon people of South-eastern Myanmar (Lower Burma) and several Mon communities in Thailand. Most of the people in Mon State speak Mon, but the official language is Burmese. The Mon has never been allowed to teach in their native language. RELIGION The predominant religion among the Mon is Buddhism, and they are believed to have brought Buddhism to Burma. The Mon have their own distinct language, dance, music, art and stories, but they are often forbidden to speak or instruct in Mon language and are not allowed to publicly celebrate National Mon day.

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